How To Use Twitter As A Motivational Speaker

The world is ruthless and there are a lot of things that make life hard and most people are suffering in silence not knowing the way forward. Sometimes all that these people need is someone to assure them that it will be okay and there is some light at the end of the tunnel. They just need someone to assure them that others have gone through worse and came out of the situation stronger than they have ever imagined. That is why we have motivational speakers to give hope where there seems to be none. The following are simple ways through which motivational speakers can use Twitter

Market your services

Motivational speakers are professionals just like any other and they have bills to pay and families to support. Even though there are times that you can motivate others for free, there are people who are willing to pay you so that you can impact the lives of others. Once you are consistent in posting content that adds values to your readers, your inbox will start exploding with messages requesting for your services. These are the kind of people who will part with some resources to ensure that they listen to you. Avoid overlapping in so many niches and establish authority in just a few.

Create a community of followers

It feels good when you know that you have a family of followers who love what you do and are not ashamed of sharing it. They are the kind of people who will share your tweets, comment on your posts and invite others to read your content. Get a few staunch followers and ensure that you mention them on your tweets to get more engagement. Such followers will correct you whenever you are wrong and provide creative feedback that will help you grow your brand.

Increase fan base

The beauty of life is when you change lives of as many people as you can. You may not have the funds and time to travel all over the world but social media can help you reach millions of people. You will get followers from all parts of the world and you do not have to know them personally to change their lives. Keeping the followers engaged might be a challenge but you can automate some functions. Spire reviews some of the coolest bots you can use to fetch new followers, comment on posts and retweet.