Tips to Capture Better Quality Audio for Your Wedding

If you are recording the wedding of your life, you need to make sure you capture everything that comes with the ceremony. Let us look at the various tips you can use to capture better quality audio for your wedding.

Avoid Your Camera’s Built-in Mic

It might seem common sense to all, but you might not be able to get high-quality audio from the Mic that comes with your phone or video camera. You might get some good quality when you are a few feet away from the event, but don’t rely on it so much because some shots require you to be more than ten feet away.

Get Closer

You might have to move much closer than you think when you decide to capture the sound. If you are looking for poor audio, then try to record sound from several feet away.

If you wish to get as close to the source as possible, then go for a wireless setup system. You can get all the sound without even having to be next to the bride or the minister. Place the mic on the chest area so that you grab every word that they say.

Play With the Breeze

Wind is an enemy of sound production and microphones. If you let the wind hit your mics, you are sure that the audio will suffer a lot. This is why it is important to use wind suppression when shooting from outdoors. A suppressor is a tool that lets you reduce the wind buffering while allowing sound frequencies to your mic. This makes sure you get great audio outdoors.

Use an External Recorder

Using an external recorder makes sure you enjoy more inputs and better audio quality. The amplifiers in the camera get the job done but not the right way. With a high-quality external recorder, you get to capture more high-quality audio. You get a cleaner sound with less necessary edits. You need to get the facts in order to understand how to use the recorder.

Get High-Quality Headphones

If you are planning to monitor the recordings with earbuds, then you are looking for a disappointing start. To properly monitor the recordings, be sure you hear everything that you are trying to capture.

The Bottom-line

When it comes to recording audio for a wedding, you need to be careful so that you get the right recording to make sure that you grab the highest quality recording ever.