How to Get Your Dog Out of the Trash Can

Are you getting fed up with the dog getting into your trash can each day? It must be frustrating finding the trash scattered all over the place and your dog happily rolling in it oblivious of the nuisance it has just caused. With the trash can open and your garbage strewn over the place, rodents and other pests come calling. Soon you will also have flies all over the place signaling that you are living in an unhealthy environment. Good news is that you can prevent this from happening by taking a few steps.

Obtain a Heavier Trash Can

Your dog will get into the trash can if they can topple it easily. One of the solutions to this is to get a heavy trash can that the dog cannot topple. The weight of the trash can will depend upon the quality and material of the can. Make sure you consider these two when making the purchase. Check out review the available cans and chose one that will help the situation.

Buy a Can with a Lid, and Use liners

It is easier for your dog to strew the contents of the can if it has no lid at all. The stench of the contents from an open trash can will also attract pests and insects to the can, creating an unhealthy environment. Make sure the can fits properly and cannot be opened with little or no effort.

Another way to proof your trash can is to use plastic bag liners. Once you decide to take out the trash, all you need to do is tie the liner securely at the opening so that you contain the trash within the liner. This will make the trash secure even when the dog topples it over.

Keep the Trash Can Inside a Cabinet

This is an awesome solution if you have enough space in your cabinet. The trash can for this purpose should also be small to fit in the available space. Doing this prevents the dog from raiding the can each time you let it loose.


Open trash cans can be a nuisance especially when you have a dog around. The dog will playfully topple the can to look for scraps of food or just for the fun of it. Get the right weight that won’t get toppled easily and have a tight lid that won’t open even when the can topples over.