Factors To Consider When Selecting A Coffee Mug

When it comes to quenching thirst, coffee is among the top drinks that people take on a daily basis.

If you walk into any coffee shop, you will realize that this drink comes in different tastes to suit the preferences of different customers. The way you prepare your coffee and how you serve it will affect the final product. The following are factors to consider when selecting a coffee mug.


Coffee mugs come in different sizes to suit different customers and their needs. If you are one of those who takes more than one cup of coffee every morning, then you should consider buying a large mug. Coffee is at its best while it is still warm and you should thus pick one that is in agreement with your drinking pace. Small mugs are ideal if you just take one couple to keep your mind and body alert.


The ease of cleaning a coffee mug and its durability will depend on its material. The most common material is porcelain which you shall find in the most coffee shops. Steel is another material that is quite famous because of its durability and ease of retaining heat. However, aluminum and steel mugs require handles because they conduct heat which may burn your hand. Feel free to get more information on the different materials that make coffee mugs and select the one that suits your needs best. Glass and ceramic mugs can retain heat for a long time which makes them a good choice for those who sip coffee while working.

Lid or lidless

If you like strolling around the streets with your special cup of coffee, then a mug with a lid is a must have. Such cups are good at retaining heat, and they guarantee that your drink will be free of dirt. If you just take your coffee from home, then a lidless mug is a good choice. It is easier to estimate the temperatures of your coffee from a lidless mug and thus avoid accidental burns.

With or without a handle

The material used will determine whether the cup needs a handle or not. If the material does not conduct heat to the outside, then it does not require a handle. If you intend to take your coffee from home or the office, then a mug with a handle is a good selection. Handless mugs are ideal if you intend to take your coffee while walking.