Common Mistakes You Make While Using Your Toaster Oven

Investing in a toaster oven is a good choice, as you are buying an appliance which can bake, toast and reheat. Which takes up lots of space, as well, so not using it is a great shame. However, some people just don’t know how to use a toaster oven the proper way, so they eventually drop it, banishing the device in a basement due to all the poor results they got from it.

But not anymore! Here are the most common mistakes of using a toaster oven; read them, memorize them and avoid them at all costs, in order to maximize the benefits of using the toaster oven.

You clog the oven

Checking reliable Oster toaster oven reviews you will learn that a toaster oven can accommodate more bread slices than a regular toaster. But, this doesn’t mean you can stuff 8, 10 or 20 slices at a time and expect them to come out evenly toasted and browned. Usually, the best results come when you toast 4 slices at a time. Some ovens can toast 6 slices, but they might come out a little too brown. The same goes when you want to bake or cook – when you place too much food on the tray, it won’t cook as expected, resulting in burning or uneven cooking.

You don’t use your toaster oven for baking

Toaster ovens are great at baking, so not using it for this task is a real waste. Experience different recipes and make muffins, meat loaf and other goodies. This white appliance is not only a toasting tool, so use it as effective as possible, making the most of its feature to crisp, brown and broil. There are many things a microwave or other type of small appliance can’t do, but a toaster oven can, so take advantage of it! For inspiration, you can read reliable Oster toaster oven reviews and work out which recipes you can try on your toaster oven.


You don’t clean the oven 

You’ve read so many reliable Oster toaster oven reviews that you are already an expert in this device; but did you clean it after each use? Most users fail to do this and they subject themselves to accidents, as the grease and crumbs can catch fire at any time. Speaking of fire, there is another risky mistake you might be doing.

You don’t unplug the toaster oven

Leaving the toaster oven plugged in when you don’t use it is dangerous because it’s the subject of spontaneous fire. If the wire starts to burn, it will damage the oven, which is going to require extensive repairs, but it can also lead to a house fire. The same thing happens with crumbs and other debris, so after each use, clean and unplug your toaster oven.