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When you move the hardest thing is probably to pack and move all your stuff. It takes very long and it is very difficult to move everything. Tens of boxes and many pieces of furniture need to be loaded in vans and transported to the new location. Sometimes, the new place is thousands of miles away and moving your things there is in this case even more expensive and hard. It will take you a long period of time and it isn’t effective to do move the items in more trips. Therefore, you need a van that is big enough to fit everything and move in one trip.

But how can you get hold of a van? The two possibilities you have are: to hire a driver with a van or to rent a self-drive van. When you hire a driver you have to pay both for the van and for the driver’s service and it can be very expensive. However, if you choose to drive the van by yourself, you will save money and you will do the job exactly as you like. Therefore, it is more advantageous to do the work without a driver and if you aren’t sure the next benefits will definitely convince you:

You can rent the car for the exact moment that is best for you

When you rent a self-drive van you don’t have to follow the driver’s schedule or take into consideration his other jobs. You just need to book a van and it is best to do it early, to be sure you will find one available at the exact date you need it.

This method is the most convenient one because you can rent the van for whatever period you need it. You can book it for a day, a weekend or even for more days, a week if you have to transport your items at a distant location or if your moving job will take more days.

The cheapest way to transport things

How much will it cost you? Not very much; this is the most advantageous option. You will pay the gas and the renting fee. You don’t need to pay a driver to transport your items and wait for you to load and unload the furniture; you don’t need to worry about extra fees. The option is simple and affordable, fair and convenient.

Visit this page and find out more about this transportation option. There are different types of vans you can rent and they are described here. Moreover, you can learn more about the renting packages, their prices and the periods you can choose from. Renting a self-drive van has never been so easy and is the best way to move.