Tips on Choosing the Best Hair Straightener

The trick to having hair that is straight and glossy is using a flat iron. Hair straighteners, otherwise called flat irons make use of heated plates in ironing out kinks in every hair strand. Whether one has hair that is thick, slightly wavy or locks that are tightly curled, a straightener is able to straighten hair follicles better than a paddle brush and a blow dryer alone. The key to straightening and maximum hair care without causing damage is selecting the best hair straightener for one’s hair type.

Choosing Hair Straighteners for Specific Hair Types:

  • Giving Consideration to Natural Hair Texture
  • Hair that is coarse and thick will require a flat iron that can heat up to very high temperatures.
  • Hair that is fine and thin can get damaged by overly high heat.
  • A buyer who has fine hair must seek flat irons that give varieties of heat settings to make adjustments much easier and to achieve the desired flattening result even better.
  • A digital flat iron lets the user choose and set exact temperatures to avoid causing damage to the hair through use of excessive heat.

Considering Ceramic Flat Irons for Thin or Fine Hair

  • Ceramic straighteners are suitable for reducing frizz and smoothing out hair.
  • Ceramics tend to hold heat really well thus allowing flat irons to attain high temperatures.
  • Ceramic plates encourage heat distribution that is even.
  • One has several options to choose from these being ceramic straighteners that have ceramic plates, tourmaline plates or ceramic coating.

Titanium Flat Irons for Coarse and Thick Hair

  • Titanium straighteners are able to heat up much faster as compared to ceramic ones.
  • They also hold high heat at consistent temperatures.
  • Titanium is a metal that’s lightweight, has got an ionic charge and it assists the user to achieve smooth looking hair much faster without redoing the same sections over and over again, for further explanation about titanium flat irons visit dezireeastra where they gladly help you.
  • They are popular for high heat and their retaining nature but those with fine hair are advised against them.

Choosing the Right Flat Iron Size

  • Hair straighteners are available in various widths and sizes.
  • Thin and small flat irons are superb tools for hair care for both women and men who have short hair.
  • Small irons are perfect in styling of spikes and bangs and they are also quite portable.
  • Hair straighteners that are large and wide cover larger surface areas and are suitable choices for those people with thick or long hair.

Choosing Hair Straighteners with Correct Features

  • Hair tools are known to come with various features hence the need to find the one with the right ones for a certain hair type.
  • A user with hair that is naturally curly would prefer a flat iron which comes with comb teeth that are built in and steam functions to help set and tame unruly tresses.
  • Cordless straighteners are suitable for jet setting women and men.
  • Instant heat straighteners are suitable for those individuals who do not have a lot of time on their hands to prepare during the morning’s or at any time of the day when there is need to leave the house.

For better results one should be sure of their hair type by consulting with their salonist then proceed to acquire a flat iron that works best for them with this consideration in mind.